Windows CMD (Command Prompt )

Please go & watch this Video first. This Video tell you how to use windows command prompt & way you need to do. If you know how to find available commands, it means you can do things using CMD.

Lets find available commands. Open cmd and run help command.

For more information of a specific command, Run help command like below.

Lets see some examples of few commands.

Lets say i need to edit windows host file. Lets see how to do this.

Open CMD run as administrator.


Now we need find out location of windows hosts file. You can follow below steps to find out location.

  1. Search on google for windows hosts file location.

Location of hosts file is C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts

Use following command to open hosts file using Notepad.

Lets see few more commands


this command will show ip configurations of windows machine.

Look below example commands.


If you need to access volume D then simply type d: on CMD.

If you need to display anything use echo command

echo this is how to display a msg

If you need to delete a file use del command.

If you need to list all available directories & Files in current working directory then type dir.