What is Virtualization

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running virtual instances in a layer abstracted from the physical hardware, we call as virtualization. Simply, it is a process running multiple virtual computers on a single computer system. Concept of virtualization, built the cloud computing & there are many reasons for people going for this concept.

People needed to run multiple operating systems on a single computer operating system.
People needed to utilize thier physical resources not only for single operating system but also for multiple.
People needed to optimize thier resources.
People needed to virtualized thier network & and introduce central network management.

As described above, IT people had lots of reasons for having virtualization. Lets see types of virtualization.

Desktop Virtualization
Running multiple operating systems on a single desktop computer. A good example for this is Oracle virtual box vm manager.

Application Virtualization
A single application running on a centralized computer & running it on multiple end computers & providing access to multiple end users is called as application virtualization.

Server Virtualization
A physical & its resuorces are devided between multiple virtual machines is called as server virtualization. This is the virtualization use in cloud environments.

Network Virtualization
Network virtualization makes centralized network management (Single administrative entity) for a large environement.

Storage Virtualization
Creation of storage pool using multiple storage devices is called as storage virtualization.